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Owl Residence

The project: Owl Boutique building represents the complex of an exclusive apartment and a penthouse in the scenic area of Limassol. Located in the modern Agios Athanasios district, the project embraces urban serenity and access to major life services including schools, health centers and shops.

Green surroundings and the concise interior design, create aesthetic and functional spaces to enjoy comfort and relaxation. Both apartments have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an open-plan kitchen/living room and an uncovered veranda with the splendid sea and the city view. A cozy roof garden accompanies the laconic architecture lines of the penthouse while the apartment impresses with its keen detailing and an exquisite garden outside.

The perfect side: Agios Athanasios is one of the most appealing residential areas in the Diocese of Limassol. Placed on the majestic hills, it offers its residents a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and makes them fall in love with its quiet little streets. The area is not built up too densely which allows to admire long walks and a friendly environment around. Another advantage is a well-developed infrastructure that contributes to a number of vital facilities nearby including private and public schools (along with Foley’s, regarded as one of the best in the region), kindergartens, sport centres, restaurants, pharmacies and many others.

The city centre is only a seven minute drive, likewise the main highway of the island is only five minutes away. All of the above have cemented Agios Athanasios’ reputation as the finest to settle down and immerse yourself into the peaceful atmosphere..

Excellence of design: Owl Boutique leads you to luxury, sophisticated ambiance that accommodates all your personal wishes. Thoughtfully designed, it conveys high-end development of contemporary style using modern technologies and environmentally friendly materials. Classy colours like pastel grey and white, combined with the natural tones of the wood, create an elegant blend within the spacious interior.

Architectural patterns extend to textures and furniture as a finishing touch to the entire design. Great emphasis is placed on panoramic windows and high ceilings with effective LED lightning providing space, luminosity and large dimensions. Theses visual approach is intensified in the airy and open-plan living room as each bedroom is personalised to give that feel of intimacy and comfort. Rich in form and composition, every turn is a unique elating experience that captivates your senses.


Cyprus – Limassol – Agios Athanasios


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