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Cyprus Residence Services

Cyprus has been a full member of the European Union since 2004.

This small but dynamic country holds a business-friendly environment and advanced infrastructure, matched with a high quality of life, sun almost 365 days of the year, and thus allowing investors to fully enjoy it.

Cyprus law states that non-Europeans investing in the economy of Cyprus are given the opportunity to obtain Cyprus Residency.

DNA Group can help you become a Cyprus Resident.

Cyprus Residence offers the following benefits:

  • Multiple competitive investment options
  • The right to reside, settle and stay indefinitely in Cyprus
  • Inclusion of spouse / partner, dependent children under the age of 25, and parents
  • Use of embassies in Cyprus to apply for Schengen Visas
  • Access to high quality educational and medical facilities
  • Minimal ongoing physical presence or residency requirement
  • Multiple personal and corporate tax benefits

Our professional team ensures that you will receive a suitable, tailor-made migration solution according to your needs. We have the means and information on what you should do to become a permanent resident, and we can also help you open bank accounts by using the best accountants, put you in touch with the best law firms, banks and so on.

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