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Property Management Services

As a group,we also offer the service of property management.

Should you decide that you do not want to manage your property anymore, due to stress or lack of time, we have the necessary means to handle this for you, and we hold years of expertise in this area to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Our services for property management include:

  • Finding you tenants for your property – this includes background checks & references
  • Being available and on-call for any kind of issue or request
  • Preparing rental contracts
  • Handling repairs and maintenance work
  • Always there to welcome you or your guests on your visits
  • Payments for all expenses/ taxes that the owner must pay
  • Record keeping of the tenants & depositing rental money into your account
  • Observing relevant regulations regarding the obligations of tenants and the administrative committee (6 (Ι) of 1993)
  • Common Expense management

If you would like more information about our property management services, please contact us by sending us a message here:  Contact Us

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