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Full Administrative Services

We are with our clients all the way, and we handle the administrative work so that you don’t have to.

Our property administrative management services include:

  • Assistance with any legal aspects
  • Assistance with registrations & building licences
  • Dealing with the property title deed
  • Contracting Management
  • Attracting the top tenants to your property
  • Providing advice and guidance if any challenges are met
  • Preparing annual rent-rolls
  • Service charges, promotional funds accounting, and budgetary control

Our teams hold extensive knowledge of the market in Cyprus thanks to having acquired excellent expertise in property administrative management, along with  consumer dynamics and trends, and we have a vast network of connections to put you in touch with. Our team is highly-skilled that include specialists from many different areas, so as to guarantee a perfect integration of services required.

We offer value and efficiency to each stage of our projects to guarantee the best results.

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